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Professional, Affordable MOT’s, MOT Repairs and Vehicle Diagnostics in Redhill and Reigate


Morley Auto Services is a family run garage covering Redhill, Reigate and the wider Surrey area. We offer an expansive range of quality, competitively priced garage services including vehicle diagnostics, car servicing, MOT's and MOT repairs. We are especially proficient in the repair of brakes, clutches and timing belts. This page looks at the services our firm provides, giving motorists in Redhill and Reigate a little insight into the work we do.


Our Garage Services Explained


Vehicle Diagnostics – We use high-tech portable computers to conduct vehicle diagnostics. These expensive bits of kit electronically probe a vehicle’s engine, communicating with its on board computer and informing our qualified and insured engineers of exactly what’s wrong. The information provided then enables us to make any essential car repairs or precise tweaks to improve performance.


Our team can utilise the old school, hands-on approach alongside the numerous vehicle diagnostics tools we have invested in to diagnose engine trouble as well as issues with clutches, brakes and timing belts.

MOT Testing – Morley Auto Services is one of the longest serving MOT providers in the Redhill and Reigate areas. We offer a thorough, affordable MOT test on site and can even collect and drop off your vehicle if you are located nearby our HQ. Remember, if your vehicle is over three years old then you will need it tested once annually for it to be deemed roadworthy.

MOT Repairs – Let’s say while we are MOT testing your vehicle we identify issues which legally prevent us from passing it. Our MOT repairs are quick and affordable, and ensure that you aren’t kept off the road for any longer than you need to be. This service sees us locate any pressing issues, but only conduct essential MOT repairs. Rest assured, you will be consulted before we carry out any repairs as we believe in constant and transparent communication with all our customers.

Car Servicing – We offer minor interim car servicing as well as a full package designed to cover all bases. When carrying out car servicing, our team follows an extensive check list to ensure your vehicle is safe, in good shape and performing optimally. Among the services included in both packages is oil filter replacement, engine oil refilling, and examination of clutches, brakes and timing belts.

However, these are just a handful of the many aspects involved in a Morley service. Remember, car servicing massively increases the likelihood you will pass an MOT if you’re nearly due one. We specialise in work on classic and performance cars, so if you need your pride and joy looked over, or perhaps car repairs carried out on it, we’re the firm for you.

Clutches – If you’re in Redhill or Reigate, you’ll struggle to find a garage services firm as experienced in the examination, repair and replacement of clutches as our own. Manual transmission cars employ clutches to regulate two rotating shafts, one powered by and connected to your engine and one attached to your wheels. It essentially enables your wheels to stop rotating without killing your engine every time you come to a halt, so it is important that clutches are properly maintained and repaired or replaced when called for.

Timing Belts – Timing belts are another essential part of your vehicle’s engine. They connect your engine’s crankshaft to its camshaft, and ensure the engine’s valves and pistons open and close at correct intervals. Morley Auto Services is Redhill and Reigate’s expert in timing belts, so if you need yours repaired or replaced, give us a call.

Brakes – Come to us if you need your brakes examined, repaired or replaced. Your brakes are your lifeline, and allowing them to deteriorate due to poor maintenance could end up costing you financially or worse. We offer extremely competitive prices on both the upkeep and replacement of brakes, so don’t hesitate to give us a call today for a free quote.

Come to Morley Auto Services For…


  • MOT Testing and Repairs
  • Accurate Vehicle Diagnostics
  • Thorough, Affordable Car Servicing
  • Quality Customer Service in Redhill and Reigate
  • Specialist Work on Classic and Performance Vehicles
  • Repair and Replacement of Clutches, Timing Belts and Brakes


Do you require one of the above garage services, or perhaps something a little more niche? Please call 01737 761076 to speak with Redhill and Reigate’s premier vehicle diagnostics, MOT repair and car servicing company.