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Expert Car Servicing and Vehicle Diagnostics for Motorists in Reigate


Morley Auto Services, based in Redhill, enjoys custom from motorists in Reigate in need of MOT testing, car repairs, car servicing and vehicle diagnostics. We’ve spent 50 years replacing brakes, clutches and timing belts, and hope to spend another 50 doing the same!


Below we have provided answers to some of the questions we are most frequently posed by customers in Reigate. However, if the question you have is not answered on this page, do not hesitate to call us on 01737 761 076 and we will be more than happy to answer it.


What car servicing packages do you offer?


We offer an interim car servicing package as well as a full, all bases covered car servicing package. While the former package takes care of all the essential items on a servicing check list, customers in Reigate who haven’t brought in their vehicle for a long time may appreciate the complete nature of the full service. This includes inspection of wiring, wheel balancing and alignment, amongst other services.


A quality car servicing from a garage such as our own ensures that when you are next due for MOT testing, you will pass first time and not require MOT repairs. We highly recommend our Reigate customers invest in a regular interim car servicing and the occasional full servicing, as it ensures brakes, clutches and timing belts are functioning properly.


How do you carry out vehicle diagnostics?


Our team makes use of top of the range portable vehicle diagnostics computers. These tools communicate with a car’s on-board computer, showing exactly what might be wrong with its engine. If a vehicle is too old to have been built with an on-board computer, then our qualified and insured engineers can take a more hands-on approach in their approach to vehicle diagnostics. Once we know what needs fixing, we can crack on with the actual car repairs.


What makes your MOT testing standout from the crowd?


As well as making sure our MOT testing is competitively priced and delivered in a timely fashion, we also offer a collection and delivery service to those in Reigate and other nearby Surrey areas. We’ll pick up your vehicle from your home or place of work then drop it off after your testing is complete and any MOT repairs are made. If MOT repairs are required, we will keep you up to date and informed of how we’re attending to your automobile.


Do you carry out work on classic and performance vehicles?


Yes we do! Morley Auto Services are specialists in classic and performance vehicles, and our team enjoys nothing more than providing car repairs and car servicing to those who truly cherish their vehicles. Most of us have at some point built and tuned our own performance vehicles, so we know how much yours means to you. If you’re in Reigate and want a firm to take extra special care with your classic or performance car, come to us.


What kind of car repairs/MOT repairs are you qualified to carry out?


Our team is fully qualified and ensured to carry out all types of car repairs. Whether it be work on brakes, clutches or timing belts, our garage services firm in Reigate can lend a hand. And because we can collect and deliver your vehicle, you can sit back, relax and rest assured your car is in good hands.


In need of an MOT, car repairs, or car servicing in Reigate? Dial 01737 761 076 today. We are equally comfortable tending to brakes, clutches and timing belts.