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Keep Your Vehicle on the Road with Car Servicing and MOT Repairs in Redhill


Being one of Redhill’s longest lasting garage services firm with over 50 years of experience, Morley Auto Services has seen it all. From standard problems such as snapped timing belts, broken clutches and failing brakes, to cars that have failed an MOT in such a spectacular fashion it beggars belief!


Automobiles that go a while without a car servicing often turn up in our workshop in need of car repairs. Below we’ve listed some of the most common problems our team encounters when providing customers in the Redhill area with vehicle diagnostics.


Overheating Engines


We often attend to engines with a tendency to overheat. In these cases, we utilise vehicle diagnostics to find out what is causing the problem. Our vehicle diagnostics tools communicate with automobiles’ on-board computers, collecting records of any recent or historic malfunctions.

Usually it’s a fault in the car’s cooling system or because its cooling fluid level has got too low. Overheating issues are usually easily rectifiable via our car repairs service, but could mean you fail an MOT if you don’t attend to the situation. We recommend playing it safe and investing in car servicing every now and again, as we can check to make sure your engine is not overheating or functioning poorly during this process.


Worn Down Clutches


Time and time again we have dealt with faulty clutches which have suffered from a snapped cable or worn down clutch plate. Of all the car repairs we handle, work on clutches is certainly not the most difficult. But a worn down clutch plate could lead to you needing MOT repairs in order to pass testing.


We recommend that our Redhill clients refrain from “riding” the clutch while stationary on a hill. Instead, use your handbrake. This saves clutches from being subjected to excessive stress.


Snapped Timing Belts


Car engines fall into one of two distinct categories, interference and non-interference. If timing belts snaps in interference type engines, the engine in question will likely suffer from bent valves, cylinder head or camshaft damage and potentially even cylinder wall and piston damage. From time to time interference engines suffer no damage following timing belts snapping, but this is very rare.


Non-interference engines usually suffer no long-term damage when timing belts snap. However, in both cases you will require car repairs from a professional garage like our own in Redhill. Timing belts ensure your engine’s individual elements peacefully co-exist and certainly need to be replaced to pass an MOT! Keep in mind our car servicing ensures timing belts are functioning well and don’t need replacing.


Worn and Corroded Brakes


Worn down or poorly functioning brakes have plagued a massive number of UK motorists. Brakes are used so often and are so essential that they’re bound to show signs of wear and tear eventually. But it’s absolutely vital you keep them well maintained as they keep you safe on the road.

If we find issues with your brakes while testing their roadworthiness in an MOT test, our MOT repairs service in Redhill will ensure you can get back on the road ASAP. And if our vehicle diagnostics service locates a problem with your brakes during a routine car servicing, rest assured our team is incredibly experienced with this routine category of car repairs.


Require car servicing, vehicle diagnostics, MOT testing, car repairs or replacement of clutches, brakes or timing belts? Call our auto services firm in Redhill today on 01737 761 076.