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Car Servicing: Looking After Horley Customers and their Vehicles

Our Redhill workshop welcomes customers from nearby Horley who want to benefit from high-end car servicing and car repairs. We look after the vehicles of our customers in every department, from replacing worn brakes and clutches to providing MOT repairs after a test failure. Morley Auto Services also look after the customer too, and this is reflected in our standards of service whenever we’re chosen to perform MOTs, servicing or repair work.


In much the same way as we take care ourselves, car servicing can be seen as a health check for the vehicle you drive. Without regular servicing, motorists in Horley are more liable to suffer from breakdowns and this ultimately results in more costly car repairs. Full and interim car servicing plays a major role in keeping cars safe and roadworthy. This can ultimately help vehicles pass MOTs, and will negate the need for future MOT repairs.


The Main Benefits of Car Servicing


1. We take the safety of our Horley customers seriously. Frequent car servicing and minor ongoing car repairs are proven to enhance passenger safety. A vehicle in good physical and mechanical condition not only protects people, but it will also be more likely to pass forthcoming MOTs on elements such as emissions.


2. Car servicing is a sensible investment for motorists in Horley. A change of plugs, filters and oil with leave your engine running more cleanly, and this improves performance and fuel economy. Fresh oil also preserves engine parts, so the need for car repairs in the event of something major happening is usually avoided.


3. The more often you book in for full or interim car servicing, the longer your vehicle will last. Even when car repairs or MOT repairs are needed, road users in Horley should find that car servicing minimises the frequency and the extent of mechanical damage. We recommend servicing your car at specified manufacturer intervals.


An important thing for motorists in Horley to remember is that we provide car servicing to the same standards as dealerships. This preserves your warranties and ensures first-class maintenance on every visit. Combine car servicing with MOTs and we’ll even offer a discounted price. Should your vehicle fail an inspection, we’re happy to perform any MOT repairs needed subject to your approval. We even provide free retesting on Class IV MOTs.


To discuss car servicing, car repairs or MOTs, vehicle owners in Horley can contact Morley Auto Services today on 01737 761076 or 01737 765468.