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MOTs: An Annual Health Check for Godstone Customers’ Vehicles

At Morley Auto Services, we already have a fantastic reputation in our home town of Redhill and the surrounding local area. Many of our existing customers come from nearby Godstone, and they use us for car servicing and car repairs because our technicians provide dealership-standard workmanship at fair price. MOTs and MOT repairs are also important business elements, and we focus on these two services on this page.


What exactly are MOTs? In effect, they are an annual health check for cars in very much the same way as car servicing is an annual health treatment. MOTs and car servicing combined can reduce the needs for car repairs. Motorists in Godstone can compare this to always feeling more lively and sprightlier if they look after their own physical condition.


Even with a regular health check in the form of MOTs, cars deteriorate over the years just like people. If you haven’t bothered with regular car servicing, or if you’ve been putting off minor car repairs when you should be working on them, failing MOTs will become more frequent. When this happens, Godstone road users can use Morley Auto Services for MOT repairs. These are only undertaken with your consent, as are all other car repairs.


MOTs must be performed on any vehicle, across all classes, when they reach a certain age. This age is three years old for passenger cars in the Class IV category. Godstone customers who have committed to regular car servicing, and those who have taken care of minor car repairs throughout the lifespan of their vehicles, will stand a much better chance of passing the MOT test at the first time of asking. We provide pre-MOT inspections on request.


Should you ever need us to perform MOT repairs after a test failure, we’ll provide you with an accurate quote on the work required. Morley Auto Services also provide free retesting on MOTs as long as the vehicles of our Godstone customers are presented again within a specified time frame. Whether you are using us for annual inspections, full and interim car servicing or mechanical car repairs, we aspire to provide genuine value on every single job.


To discuss MOTs, MOT repairs and car servicing, motorists from nearby Godstone can contact Morley Auto Services on 01737 761076 or 01737 765468.